Lottoj Oil & Gas Limited is an international marine fuel logistics and petroleum products trading company that markets and physically supplies refined marine fuel and petroleum products in the port and at sea. The company presently supplies marine fuels mainly Marine Gas Oil and Intermediate fuel oil (IFO 180CST and 380CST) to ocean-going vessels and coastal ship operators, service boats and tugboats through international marine fuel traders, ship owners and brokers at the ports of Lagos. (Apapa Wharf and Tincan Ports)
LOTTOJ will make every effort to provide quality products and services, meet society's need for energy and achieve the harmonious development of society, the economy and the environment.

LOTTOJ's pursuit of these objectives benefits the company as well, increasing its values to the society and strengthening its market position.


We have constituted a new board of directors. Follow the link below to meet the distinguished individuals who make up our new board: